Preparing for your appointment...

  • To keep what i do special, i have a limited number of weekly appointments. I rarely have last minute availability so highly recommend you Book in Advance to avoid disappointment.

  • For my security all clients must provide mobile number for text or whatsapp to finalise an appointment. Please don't worry I am extremely discreet.

  • I do not expect a large amount of back and forth with texts but am always happy to talk through any worries or concerns you may have.

  • It is perfectly normal to perhaps feel apprehensive or nervous. Be assured that nothing will happen that does not feel absolutely okay for you. It is very important that we both respect our boundaries.

  • Please treat your appointment as you would any professional service. Give yourself adequate time for parking so as to be punctual. And please give as much notice as you can if you need to reschedule as this is my livelihood.

  • Please do not book an appointment if you have any active contagion (virus, flu, cold sore, verruca etc)

  • Its good to wear loose fitting clothes like jogging bottoms and t shirt. But no worries if this is not possible. I expect clients to have excellent personal hygiene and I have shower facilities.

  • I offer a space free from drugs & stimulants and ask that you refrain from taking alcohol, caffeine, energy drinks and nicotine prior to the appointment. 

  • Avoid a heavy meal before your appointment and make sure you are well hydrated.

  • I suggest you abstain for at least a few days to get the best out of your appointment.

  • You will feel chilled, relaxed and perhaps a little floaty after your session so don't schedule anything too stressful or strenuous afterwards. 

  • I accept payment by cash only.


"I have had the pleasure of meeting Karl and receiving several of his massages. Each one has been a sensual, relaxing and spiritual experience.  I've experienced the most intense & spiritual orgasm in this beautiful and pure Tantric Experience".


Nick, Hove.

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