Pictures taken Jan 2019

"What a lovely experience I had! Karl made me feel very welcomed & relaxed and gave me a very intimate, personal and sensual experience. It opened my mind to new ideas and I left feeling much better about myself.


Was very horny and incredibly sensual. Highly recommended".- David, Shoreham.

A word on health and safe sex.

I am a very healthy person living a very clean lifestyle and do not use drugs, poppers or drink alcohol. I am on a holistic protocol to protect me from any viral infection and am fully tested every three months. I have never had anything but totally clear test results.

Because of the nature of my oil based and highly intimate body to body massage, I tend to prefer skin to skin for any agreed penetration. However alternative water based massage lube and condoms can be used if you prefer. Please state clearly your preference before the date of your appointment.

Classic Tantra Massage

90 min - £120.

Enjoy being pampered and indulge in my naked body to body Tantric Massage as described on the massage page. 


Allow yourself to float away in this sensual adventure that is solely focused on you and your pleasure.  Includes lots of body to body contact but is strictly touch only.


Deluxe Tantra Massage

90 min - £145.

Dive more deeply into my tantra massage experience. Let yourself revel in a lot more mutual and intimate connection.

This loving and more total experience can also include prostate massage and some gentle penetration if that is desired.

Limited Availability.

Book In Advance to Avoid DIsappointment.

Please read Client Information for more details and Contact Me to book your appointment.

"Our sessions feel spiritual as well as horny.


Karl has an amazing body & aura and he's made me feel calm, confident, sexy and very chilled." - Jonny, Brighton.