"Some journeys are best undertaken with a guide. Learning to meditate and find the calm within has been a real expedition. Karl's guidance has been absolutely invaluable".


Jeremy, Hove.

Everybody say "OM"!!!


Meditation & Mindfulness can really help to relax and empower your life. Leading you to be calmer, more focused and more productive. They are proven methods to boost happiness and general well-being.


I have worked in Retreats & Rehabs in S.E Asia. And with groups and with clients one to one here in the U.K to teach these transformational skills.

Chi What!?!!

You might not have heard of Chi Kung. Its related to Tai Chi, an ancient Daoist tradition. It encourages deep meditation, grounding and connection. Deeply relaxing and restorative.

I trained with a Chi Kung Master in Northern Thailand and know a particular form called "Seven Star Chi Kung" very well. Its easy yet profound and an extremely enjoyable way to relax, meditate and feel at one with the energy all around us.

I love yoga!


I would be delighted to introduce you to simple yogic practices. You don't have to be super flexible to do yoga - its really not about that. Its a Spiritual and Well-being practice that encourages strength, connection and deep relaxation.

I have practiced Integral Hatha Yoga for many years and completed extensive study in Ashrams in SE Asia.

My Wellness Coaching sessions are usually booked in a block as we chart your progress. They are offered on a Sliding Scale.  Please contact me for rates.

"Karl is living what he's teaching. Balanced, calm, living in reality. If you're interested in mindfulness, meditation or fostering a deeper connection to yourself, this is a great place to start."


Terry, Brighton.