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What is Meditation??

April 13, 2017



 Meditation is a broad term that covers many diverse techniques to focus the mind to nurture spiritual realisation. Enlightenment however comes from a state of no mind, where you dissolve into your soul, the everyday, ego mind switched off, having let go of its hold on reality.


If true consciousness is a clear blue, endless sky, our many thoughts are the grey & white clouds floating by. Meditation is about being watchful. Seeing the clouds but without being attached to them, seeing the beauty always of the clear blue, endless sky.


Meditation in its many forms, is ostensibly a variety of disciplines to quieten the mind so that the wonderment of life can be realised. Yet at that same time meditation is not about anything. And is simply the witnessing of “what is”.


The problem with many techniques is that, in the end, the meditator can fall into a mind trap - focusing to such an extent on the technique, that the pure magic and discovery of silence and inner journeying is completely lost. Therefore, whilst meditation practices can help the beginner to distance ones true self from the noise of the mind; meditation itself is pure consciousness. All focus, all concentration, all judgement and all beliefs must eventually dissolve into a state of total silence.


The mind is a wonderful servant and a terrible master. Through meditation practice we can come to the stillness that allows our random thoughts to quieten, no longer powerful or distracting. Like a talk radio in a nearby room, you get to choose when you tune in and listen to the chatter and when you go above and beyond. Eventually, it is possible to silence the mind completely and a higher state of awareness is discovered, the meditator returns to his true nature - pure spirit.


Meditation is not about abandoning the world to reach some far away spiritual quest. It is not about undertaking a serious and rigid process of denial and self control. It is about awakening the inner joy that calms all of life's ups and downs and the noise of our busy minds. Enlightenment is not some far away place, some distant goal. It is here right now! Its who we are! Be silent and know!


Many people try to meditate and fail. It is certainly a challenge! But the benefits are huge! The rewards great! Seek out a good teacher, read a book on the subject or join a class. And practice, practice, practice!!! You will reap what you sow.






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