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Fasting Pros and Cons

June 6, 2017



There are a host of amazing benefits from fasting. My favourite is Intermittent Fasting where you fast over night, skip breakfast and only break-the-fast after 16 hours of not eating.


Fasting is amazing for insulin and blood pressure reduction, boosts Human Growth Hormone, supports your immune system, your liver, gives your digestive tract a break and raises  your energy & metabolism. And it goes with out saying that its a fantastic way to loose some weight. Many guys report feeling energised and having greater mental clarity and high productivity.


Intermittent Fasting or I.F is a fantastic way to boost your testosterone levels which is great as many guys are suffering with low T symptoms of lowered libido, lethargy and depression. As we age our T levels naturally decline and men these days are already less potent than our forbearers due to overuse of pesticides and the large number of xenoestrogens in everyday plastics, toiletries and even in tap water. So I.F is an excellent choice for men.




One thing to consider though is that fasting really spikes your stress hormone Cortisol.  Being hungry puts your body into high alert, fight or flight mode. That's bad news if you are already living a pretty stressful life, are a coffee junkie or if you have a history of long term nervous system disorders or anxiety. Needless to say It would also be contra-indicated for anyone with Adrenal Fatigue.


Another consideration is whether or not fasting is going to increase your risk of being deficient in key vitamins and minerals. If you eat less that's good for weight loss but if your diet isn't nutrient rich in the first place then you could be making the nutrition deficit worse.


Another issue with Intermittent Fasting is that research shows that people tend to eat more than they would normally on their non fasting days. Which may limit the weight loss potential of I.F.


Its also worth knowing that longer term fasting reduces T Levels. So unless you have good testosterone levels I'd recommend sticking to I.F.



Disclaimer: This information is for educational use only. Always seek medical advice before making any changes to your dietary or lifestyle choices.

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