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Catching the zzz's

October 11, 2017

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Catching the zzz's

October 11, 2017


Sleep. Its essential. Its how your body and mind rests, rebuilds and regenerates. It combats inflammation, increases creativity and enhances memory and learning. The problem is, its increasingly seen as a chore not an essential priority. Many guys are not getting enough quality sleep and waking up feeling tired, fuzzy and exhausted.


Lack of sleep is seriously detrimental. You age faster, die younger and are at much higher risk of developing addictions, depression & anxiety. It will kill your productivity and lower your libido. Sleep deficiency is linked to heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.


So if you want to look young, feel great and be creative, happy and full of life here's a simple guide to ensuring you get really good quality sleep that restores and revitalises:


1. Hey Sunshine.




Making sure you have a good exposure to sunlight during the daytime is a sure fire way to get good sleep. Vitamin D is crucial as a master hormone which then in turn raises your melatonin levels in the evening and gets you a good, deep nights sleep. In the UK we have Vitamin D Winter from Oct through to March. So supplementing with Vit D is invaluable. If you are sure you are getting enough Vitamin D then looking at taking a Melatonin supplement prior to bed could be advisable if you are suffering with insomnia.


2. Sleep hygiene.



Its really good to have a regular bedtime routine. Getting to bed early is wise as the old saying goes "An hour of sleep before midnight is better than two after". Switch off the TV and get off your Ipad or phone for an hour before bed. Blue screen light mimics sunlight so just as you are trying to wind down you are waking yourself up! Apps like Dimly help filter out the blue light. Try switching to an audio book to help wind down and prepare for sleep. Or choose to relax and listen to calming music. Better still dim the lights, light the candles and have yummy sex to end your day!


3. No Drama.


Get your awkward emails and conversations done earlier in the evening so you feel peaceful as you prepare for sleep.   If you have something on your mind you might find that putting pen to paper and writing it all down helps. Instead of letting thoughts of what has to be done tomorrow swirl round and round try jotting down notes or having a to do list. And I highly recommend staying clear of the news, violent or scary films and TV shows an hour before bed. You really dont want that kind of drama right before bed. Unless you actually want to have nightmares!



 4. Cut out the stims.


Its kinda obvious but if you want a great nights sleep you dont want to be drinking coffee or other beverages containing caffeine for a couple of hours before bedtime. And the same goes with alcohol . Try herbal tea. Chamomile and Honey is a winner. Or something more warm and spicy like Cinnamon and Licorice. Be aware that some headache and pain relievers also contain caffeine.


5. Make it Dark.


Making sure that your bedroom is actually dark is a pretty bright idea. Thin curtains, street lights right outside. Or light pouring in from other rooms. These are guaranteed  to disrupt your body's ability to get the refreshing sleep you so need. Invest in blackout curtains or blinds. Or simply get yourself an eye mask. 



6. Take a Chill Pill.


No. I'm not recommending Diazapam! There are some great combinations of natural sleeping remedies that help calm, relax and gently sedate. Valerian is a top choice. Herbs often work best synergistically so try combining with Lemon Balm. Hops or Skullcap. Essential Oils have a great reputation for encouraging sleep. Lavender is probably the most well known sleep aid but it is quite floral and not all guys like the smell. Try Vetiver for a more earthy, musky tone. Its deeply grounding & relaxing and works well as a sedative. Just add a few drops into some carrier oil and massage on to the skin or why not use in an oil burner for a lovely earthy fragrance to drop off to.


7. Sleep Sanctuary.


Lets make a bedroom a relaxed and fun place to be! Not just for sex - though that too. But for sleep. If your bedroom is more like an office or a laundry room then consider putting some thought into how to make your bedroom a haven of peace and tranquillity. A space that's fresh and free of clutter, has a nice plant and some soft furnishings that will make you feel cosy and relaxed. This could also then become a great space to practice meditation.


And never choose the bedroom as a space to have difficult conversations or arguments with your partner. If you must argue do it in the kitchen. Then cuddle and make up in bed.


Okay well I hope this has helped give you a few pointers. Pleasant dreams boys x



Disclaimer: This information is for educational use only. Always seek medical advice before making any changes to your dietary or lifestyle choices.



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