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October 11, 2017

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Whats in your Water??

May 25, 2017

Water. Its the thing of life!


When I talk to clients they are often surprised that one of the first things I ask is not only how much water they drink but also what kind of water! What kind of water??? Surely water is water right?!? Think again.


First of all its really important to drink plenty of water. Not coffee. Not tea. Not soda. But actual water. Its fundamental as a cornerstone of health and wellbeing. Take this fascinating experiment for example. A bunch of prisoners (hows that for a controlled study!) were split into two groups. One simply had their health & wellbeing monitored. The others had to drink 8 glasses of water every day. At the end of the study those who drank lots of water were found to be more relaxed, less depressed, slept better, had more energy AND reported improved memory and eye sight! Thats right! Just from being properly hydrated.


But its not just important to make sure you drink enough water. Its also important to ask the question "whats is my water??" . You might be surprised. It might not be as clean and pure as it looks. 


The truth is most of us are drinking water that is laced with pesticide residues, chemicals and hormones. Tap water is not pure nor particularly safe. As more and more people take anti depressants, pain meds and for the girls, the pill - that doesnt get cleaned out through your standard water filtration. So every time you drink tap water you are getting minute doses. And thats a problem. For us guys we already live in an estrogen dominant environment because of the overuse of pesticides and the use of fire retardants and plastics which contain estrogen mimickers.


Estrogen Dominance is not good news. And its becoming a massive issue with male hormones being put out of whack. And if your hormones are out of balance everything is out of balance. Higher Estrogen makes you put on weight, develop moobs and lowers male sex hormones. Not only making you less virial but also making you anxious, depressed and fatigued. If thats not enough to contend with, Estrogen Dominance is also linked to prostate cancer.


Your standard water filters might improve the taste of tap water but they do little to filter out these hidden nasties lurking in your water. And whilst bottled water might be pure at source its also incredibly damaging to the environment to rely on plastic water bottles everyday. And the chemicals in the plastics actually leach out over time into the water. Chemicals in plastics, especially those thin clear ones used for bottled water are full of Xenoestrogenic chemicals.




So what is the answer??


I highly recommend investing in a water distiller for your home. They dont cost much. You can pick up one on Ebay for as little as £60 delivered to your door! Put it on overnight and in the morning you have 4 litres of absolutely pure pure water for you to use during the day for teas and coffees and for your 8 glasses of water.


One thing though. You must remineralise your distilled water. Distillers are great. They remove everything that is not water. But they do also remove the good stuff too. Trace elements like Calcium, Selenium, Phosphorus, Iodine, Chromium, Manganese, Iron & Copper are an important component of drinking water so simply add a generous pinch of quality salt like Pink Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt to the collection jar. You can also invest in a reverse osmosis filter system for your home. But that is a much bigger investment.


Either way its really important that people get switched on to the fact that not all water is the same. That your standard tap water is NOT healthy. And that drinking everyday from bottled water isnt much better and has a serious environmental consequence. Drinking pure, healthy mineralised water will keep you happier and healthier and even help maintain your virility!



 Water Distiller. Available on Ebay for £60 with two year warranty.





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