"Thank you so much Karl. You have helped me tackle my anxiety in ways I never thought possible. Learning to manage my stress with you has been very transformative."


Ben, Hove.

Learn skills to Relax
Cope with Life Better
Get Improved Sleep
Improve Productivity
Better Relationships
Greater Happiness

Lets face facts. Stress is everywhere. This fast paced, plugged in, 24/7 rat race of a world is a stress head's nightmare.

And its the number one cause of illness. So that's something else to  worry & stress about!

We cant avoid it. Life is full of stresses and strains. But we can learn skills and techniques to become more equipped, more able to handle what our lives throw at us.

Trouble is most of us were never really taught how to relax. Or how to handle the heavy stuff that sometimes comes our way. Divorce, Redundancy, Health Scares, Moving House, Financial Worries, Relationship Difficulties..... And that's before we turn on the news!!

I offer a confidential space for you to off load your worries and a chance to think and act differently. Together we can work to introduce skills and techniques that will radically alter your relationship to stress & anxiety.

My Wellness Coaching sessions are usually booked in a block as we chart your progress. They are offered on a Sliding Scale.  Please contact me for rates.