"That was amazing, electric, special, sensuous, intimate and incredibly sexual and horny!


I am floating!! Thank you!!"


Jon, Brighton.

Much more than a massage with a happy ending!

Intimate, soulful, heart centred connections.

Erotic, soulful, sensual,

horny and unrushed.

Breathwork, eye gazing, body gliding and mutual touch.

A loved- up vibe leaving you with a warm afterglow.

Karl Lovelight | Gay Tantra

Tantric Massage should be much more than just a massage with a happy ending. Its a Mind, Body, Spirit Journey that's as much about soul as it is about cock.

Let me guide you through simple relaxation and breath work to help us ground, chill and connect to the heart. Then enjoy a highly erotic & sensual undressing ritual with initial touch, hugs and exploration shared between us.

Then relax on my couch and enjoy both light and deeper Swedish Massage with hot fragranced oils. I keep my naked body close to yours and use a sensual, horny, erotic flow.

I mount the table and glide my naked body over you using my weight to massage you. Its very erotic and nurturing to feel such a close connection. I will encourage you to synchronise our breathing to increase the sense of intimacy and oneness. 

Then I work on your neck, shoulders, chest and tummy. We build up your sex energy and flow horny pleasure throughout your whole body.

To end, allow yourself to float away as I send you healing energy - leaving you with a nice buzzy afterglow of love, connection and deep satisfaction.

No previous Tantra Experience is necessary.

Advanced Booking is Essential.

Read Client Information for more details.


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