"Our sessions have been amazing. So uplifting and positive. You offer a very inspiring philosophy and I'm truly grateful for it."


Simon, Lewes.

What does wellness mean to you?? How would it make you feel?? What dreams could you achieve without  obstacles?

Imagine how it would  feel to loose that weight and feel energised and confident. How great would it be to supercharge your life with exercise you enjoy, excellent diet & nutrition and ditch those bad eating habits??

Would you like to be more chilled and adapt to stress and the pressures of life more easily?  Maybe learn the awesome power of Meditation practices??

Are hang ups and past traumas weighing you down - keeping you stuck in thoughts & behaviours that you know harm and limit you? Do you yearn to be free from depression, fears & anxiety??

Do you want a champion & coach to support, advise and inspire you to be better, live brighter and achieve health, wellness & happiness??

My Wellness Coaching sessions are usually booked in a block as we chart your progress. They are offered on a Sliding Scale.  Please contact me for rates.

"Our sessions made a huge difference in my life. You helped me to refocus and let go of many concerns and worries that were negatively affecting me.


Thank you for all you do. You are a good person with a kind soul."


Leslie, Shoreham.

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