"What a lovely experience I had! Karl made me feel very welcomed & relaxed and gave me a very intimate, personal and sensual experience. It opened my mind to new ideas and I left feeling much better about myself."


David, Shoreham.


LoveLight Tantra is a holistic, multi dimensional and loved up approach to massage, sex and intimacy. You will find me friendly, welcoming and professional. I offer a chilled, respectful and very discreet space with totally confidentiality.


I work with men of all ages and shapes; Gay, Bi, Curious, First Timers, Married, Nervous. All are welcome. 


No previous Tantra Experience is necessary.

Please read Client Information for more details on how to prepare for your appointment.

Tantra means different things to different people. For many guys its become synonymous with massage that's sexual as well as sensual. That's certainly true of what I offer. 

But its more than that. Much more.

Tantra  with me is a playful, mindful  and horny adventure. A Journey into Mind, Body & Spirit that encourages love, tenderness and pleasure. 


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